Your Ba Zi (Paht Chee) Consult for 2024

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Have your own BaZi Chart analyzed specifically for the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024 ! 

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Get ready for the Year of the Water Rabbit 2024 by ordering your own BaZi consult for the year 2024 ! Discover how the energies of 2024 will affect you and what the year will have in store for you.

How can I obtain "My BaZi Consult for 2024": 
- Please do provide us with your place and date of birth (year, month, day and time of birth)

- The price mentioned is for the analysis of a single Ba Zi birth chart. Contrary to the complete analysis of your BaZi chart, the annual analysis does NOT go through an oral interview, but we will send you a written summary of the analysis of your BaZi for the year 2024 in five working days. We will start sending out the reports, mid-January.


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