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8 Immortals Pi Yao
  • 8 Immortals Pi Yao
  • 8 Immortals Pi Yao

8 Immortals Pi Yao

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Pi Yao comes in different shapes and postures (which are acquired by lay persons), but there is only one posture that is reserved particularly for emperors of ancient China. Known as the "Imperial Pi Yao", it stands in upright position with four feet held firmly to the ground. Its many statues can be found today at the National Palace Museum of Taiwan (where Chiang Kai Shek moved everything from the entire palace to Taiwan). Remember that the emperors had always been selfishly reserving genuine forms of magical creatures only to themselves so that they can always stay above others. Decorated on the body of the Pi Yao, the 8 Immortal Implements catalyse the powers of the taoist 8 Immortals to help bless one with positive energy, bring good health, good fortune, wealth, fame luck, longevity and good descendants. The 8 Immortals benefit those who are experiencing bad luck from the Tai Sui. There is a secret compartment within it which is openable and be filled with special mantras as a gesture of consecration. More superior than the norm in terms of its quality, mass and make, this extravagant Pi Yao comes together with a "24 Mountains Plate". Symbolizing abundance and power, a fat looking Pi Yao like this one is also a strong wealth magnet that is especially beneficial if the feng shui of the house does not favour making money. On the other hand, the 24 Mountains Plate is essential to force the alignment of cosmic forces of the cure to face an afflicted direction, especially useful for those who are not good at accuracy and precision of compass directions. Remember that the Tai Sui's and Sui Po's directions only span 15 degrees each and it is very easy to make mistakes with your placement; perhaps due to instability of your compass at the time of placement or unknown shift of the item's facing after some months later. With the 24 Mountains Plate, even if the Pi Yao's facing direction runs a little out of the actual 15 degrees span, it will work effectively as long as you place the Pi Yao facing according to the intended direction (one of the 24 directions) shown on the 24 Mountains Plate. 


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