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Made from SEVEN METALS, this singing bowl set is in full compliance to the secret formula required for space clearing. This golden singing bowl and bell have added in a significant amount of gold unlike those cheaper versions that are easily available in the market. Comprising gold, silver, iron, copper, tin, lead and zinc as its ingredients, each type of metal represents the sun, moon and other planets of the galaxy. This secret mix of correct metals generates a negativity-piercing rythm to clear away, move and heal stagnant and negative chi. The rythm from the metal mix will also scare away all evil spirits and ghosts as they cannot tolerate such audio frequency. Singing bowls are struck with a mallet, and then rubbed around the rim with a playing mallet to produce a fascinating blend of harmonic resonance and rich overtone. This beautiful singing bowl rests on a soft cushion and comes with a metal mallet. Metal hitting on metal creates a miraculous power to boost metal element and produce water element. Therefore, striking this "metal-on-metal" singing bowl will also benefit years that lack water element. It is known to create the most sensational vibrations that will properly cleanse the energy of our space. It must be struck hard for three times and the mallet rubs the edge of the bowl to generate "continuous singing" hyms to disperse and purify the surrounding chi. Meanwhile the bell is an excellent implement for attracting new sources of income, money-making opportunities, sales and good luck. You may ring the bell everytime you feel that your business is slow and money does not come your way. Last but not least, a beautiful incense dish with the Tai Chi symbol signifies "balance".


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