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The Art of Date Selection - Personal Date Selection by Joey Yap
  • The Art of Date Selection - Personal Date Selection by Joey Yap

The Art of Date Selection - Personal Date Selection by Joey Yap

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Timing is Everything

At the core of Date Selection practise resides the idea of 'doing the right thing, at the right time'. With Personal Date Selection, you can learn how to infuse positive energies present at a specific time into any activity you're embarking to have greater chances of success. From signing business contracts, to moving into a new house, or to making a marriage proposal - a good auspicious date is nothing but essential to the make-or-break of these important endeavours.

What You'll Learn: 

  • Easy to use, simple methods that anyone and everyone can employ for Date Selection
  • Techniques for selecting not just good dates, but personalized good dates
  • Practical examples and walkthroughs to show you how it's all done
  • How to find a good date for a variety of personal and professional activities, ranging from weddings to official openings and even asset acquisitions
  • How to avoid the inauspicious dates

Chapter Highlights 
Chapter One: What's In A Date?
A basic introduction to the aspects of Date Selection.

Chapter Two: Date Selection Essentials
Before you start conducting your own Date Selection, you need to familiarise yourself with the techniques outlined here.

Chapter Three: How to Avoid the Bad Dates
There are two types of Bad Dates you should avoid. Discover what are they and how to pin-point them.

Chapter Four: A Few Good Dates
There are distinctions between a 'usable' date and a 'good' date. Find out the truths behind these two seemingly synonymous terms. 

Chapter Five: Time is of the Essence
A good timing is just as essential as a good date. Learn the basics in this section. 

Chapter Six: Practical Date Selection
With all the calculations behind you, let's put what you've learnt to good use.

Joey Yap

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Published in:
June 2007

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