Secrets of Xuan Kong by Hung Hin Cheong
  • Secrets of Xuan Kong by Hung Hin Cheong

Secrets of Xuan Kong by Hung Hin Cheong

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The World of Xuan Kong - In Your Hand

One-forth of The Four Celebrated Poems of Xuan Kong, the Xuankong Mizhi pioneered much of the concepts on which modern Xuan Kong Flying Stars is built. The archaic and cryptic language of this classic text no longer poses a barrier for learners. This translated version provides a concrete bridge for any students and practitioners to enable easy access to the wealth of information hidden within this historic subject.

What You'll Learn: 

  • An important reference material for anybody who wants to take their Xuan Kong Feng Shui studies to the next level
  • Boosting your knowledge of Chinese Metaphysics through an ancient Feng Shui study
  • Bringing your understanding and practice of Xuan Kong to the next level
  • Understand the true origin and the cultural background in which the poem was set against

Chapter Highlights 
Chapter Five: Man & Woman
Explores the line that generated much debate amongst writers. An angle on landforms and Xuan Kong is discussed as well.

Chapter Eight: More of Growth and Control
What makes a Star strong is pointed out. 

Chapter Nine: Physical and Emotional Distress
Discover what does it indicate when conjunction is not limited to Sitting and Facing Stars.

Chapter Eighteen: Rich & Famous
Star conjunction occurs at the Facing palace - obtain more information to support this.

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July 2011

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