CONSULTATION Ba Zi (Paht Chee) - Price per person
  • CONSULTATION Ba Zi (Paht Chee) - Price per person

CONSULTATION Ba Zi (Paht Chee) - Price per person

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Have your own BaZi Chart analyzed by Marc-Olivier Rinchart !

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BaZi or Eight Characters (also known as Four Pillars) is an ancient discipline of fate analysis that uses birth data to analyse and determine an individual's path in life. Less focused on divination and more on empowering individuals, our Bazi analyses will offer you a clear understanding of your strengths, weaknesses and teach you how to spot potential challenges and obstacles that may arise in your life. You will finally have all the keys in hand to strengthen your own potential! 

Just as the DNA characterises our physical body, the Bazi governs the elements that make up your Destiny such as your talents, your abilities, your character, your strengths and weaknesses... Give your success a boost today and take your life to the next level!

Why is it important to know your destiny?

A Ba Zi analysis will allow you to

  • make the right decisions at the right time
  • optimise your potential for good fortune
  • harmonise your relationships with others and get to know the people around you
  • choose the right profession and develop your career better
  • ...

Your destiny cannot be changed, but you can improve your destiny for a happy and successful life. The consultation can be done by skype or in our office in Brussels (Belgium).

How does a Ba Zi analysis work?

- Within a few days of receiving your payment, we will contact you (by email or by phone) to set up an appointment for a Ba Zi consultation online (by Skype, Facebook Messenger,...) or by phone. As a general rule, this appointment is scheduled +/- 2 weeks after receipt of your payment (subject to availability in our schedule). During this appointment, we will explain the results of your Ba Zi analysis in detail.

- You will need to tell us: your date of birth (year, month, day and time of birth), your place of birth, your place of residence as well as the problematic points you would like to have studied in detail (love, health, career, academic background, business, prosperity,...)

- The price mentioned is for the analysis of a single Ba Zi birth chart. There is no written report, but you can record the interview on your own (with your mobile phone, for example) for future reference. A written report can be sent to you for an additional fee.


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