BaZi - The Destiny Code Revealed (Book 2) by Joey Yap
  • BaZi - The Destiny Code Revealed (Book 2) by Joey Yap

BaZi - The Destiny Code Revealed (Book 2) by Joey Yap

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A Deeper Journey into The Four Pillars Of Destiny

This follow-up title to the best-selling BaZi book, The Destiny Code, takes reader deeper into the study of BaZi and explores the elemental relationships of Clash, Combination, Harm, Punishment and Destruction. The Destiny Code Revealed shows you, step-by-step, how to deepen your journey into your own personal Destiny Chart, and unlocks new information and insights into your own Destiny.

What You'll Learn: 

  • Elevate the knowledge you have gained from the first BaZi best-seller, The Destiny Code
  • Gain confidence and certainty in your Career, Relationships, Health and Wealth
  • Seize opportunities, and take decisive action by doing the right thing, at the right Time
  • Learn to read and analyze the Ten-Year Luck and Annual Cycles in your Destiny Chart to identify potential opportunities and challenges
  • Discover advanced BaZi theories and techniques

Chapter Highlights 
Chapter One: A BaZi Moment
An introduction on one's Destiny Code - the how and whys.

Chapter Two: Composing the Code
A visual explanation of the Ten Heavenly Stems.

Chapter Three: Common BaZi Mistakes
A lesson in debunking - from incorrect ways to write a BaZi chart to common mistakes when reading the Luck Pillars in Totality. 

Chapter Four: Combination Codes
The real meanings behind Combination Codes are revealed. 

Chapter Five: Clash Codes
Explores the severity of a clash code, as well as a pointer on the Six Clashes.

Chapter Six; Punishment Codes
A study on the types of Punishments and ways to deal with them.

Chapter Seven: Harm Codes
Understanding the nature of Harms, the Six Harms, External Harms and the meaning of Harms.

Chapter Eight: Destruction Codes
The code, the meaning and the ways to deal with Destructive behavior explained. 

Chapter Nine: Earthly Branch Relationships in Action
Understanding the Three Harmony Combinations and Clash, as well as a showcase of case studies of two famous figures. 

Chapter Ten: Practical BaZi Analysis
The essentials basic steps that will surely kick off your journey to a better Destiny Analysis.

Joey Yap

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BaZi - The Destiny Code
Published in:
January 2006

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