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Chung Kwei Windchime with Kalachakra
  • Chung Kwei Windchime with Kalachakra
  • Chung Kwei Windchime with Kalachakra

Chung Kwei Windchime with Kalachakra

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Astonishing in esthetics, the primary piece captures the amazing bond among Chung Kwei, 8 Auspicious Objects and Kalachakra. The six rods windchime actually denotes “Chien Hexagram” which carries the meaning Big Metal and luck from heaven. It is also a potent cure against visible and invisible “shar chi” such as poison arrows and annual afflictions.  It wards off all odds, terrorism, misfortune, devastation from unlucky stars and annual afflictions.  It is also exactly what is needed to powerfully subdue the negativities from #5-Yellow and #2-Black. All in all, this windchime transforms bad energies into positive vibes, build protection for the 9 palaces of your home, eliminate afflictions and overcome evil.

The salient features and the importance of the auspicious symbols can be explained and elaborated as follows:

1. On the front side of the upper plaque:

a. Easily identified by his ferocious appearance (bushy black beard and moustache), this matured muscular adult male is Zhong Kui (Chung Kwei), popularly known as the Demon Chaser. With almighty power to repel evil spirits and ghosts, he protects the household against any harm. He is all-time-alert and ready to diminish any spirits lurking around your vicinity. Because Chung Kwei’s popularity comes from his ability to defeat ghosts and demons, his image is especially loved by traditional styled feng shui grandmasters as the number one counter measure against negativities, especially in more difficult situations when the malevolent energy is particularly strong in certain sectors. The variety of good fortune that can be expressed in his image is almost endless, where Chung Kwei also represents prosperity, wealth luck, immortality and longevity. Besides giving fortune blessings, he helps you overcome all sorts of obstacles in life. He has the unusual capability to control our environment from harmful forces and loss of wealth.

b. 8-Petal Lotus around the perimeter of the plaque – the flower dedicated to Buddha, it is essentially used to signify joy, peace, purity and sincerity.

c. Taoist Incantation of Chung Kwei – is for home safety.

d.  Bagua with “Early Heaven Arrangement” – will neutralize poison arrows (shar chi) within a space.

2. On the back side of the upper plaque:

a. Eight Auspicious Objects – is an ultimate cure and also enhancer that serves to generate good energy, subdue bad energy and nourish/improve the feng shui of a space so that good fortune continues to grow esponentially. It is also a potent cure for extremely bad situation where other feng shui cures are considered not strong enough to counter a problem.

b. Kalachakra – known as the Tenfold Powerful One, it is an ultra strong antidote for killing energy and evil forces. It is often used as cures for difficult situations when other cures become helpless, in situations that may possibly carry misfortunes, disasters and accidents if not properly remedied. It is also a potent cure against visible and invisible “shar chi” such as poison arrows and annual afflictions.

3. On the Mantra Coin:

a. Empowered by the Mantra of “White Umbrella Goddess” – the powerful Buddha of Protection who carries a white umbrella has the power to symbolically dispel any evil intentions of people who may want to hurt you. Be mindful that everyone is vulnerable to jealous intentions of unscrupulous people, enemies or competitors, so it is better safe than to be sorry. This mantra can also ward off black spells casted by the underlying currents of jealousy and making them harmless. The mantra is “Tadyatha Om Anale Anale, Khasame Khasame Bhaire Bhaire, Sume Sume Sarva Buddha, Adhishthana Adhishtite Svaha” which can be recited 108 times to empower the windchime.

b. The Chien Hexagram with six solid yang lines represents BIG METAL, thus exerting powerful energies to subdue earth energies from 5-Yellow or 2-Illness stars.


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