Unassailable Amulet
  • Unassailable Amulet
  • Unassailable Amulet

Unassailable Amulet

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Kwan Kung has many roles, therefore brings various advantageous to one keeping the amulet:

Carrying the amulet provides strong force of protection and counter any killing breathe, negativities or evil. All evils will be scared away instantly.

Carrying the amulet can invite mentor luck, extreme support from authority and helpful people coming your way.

Managers, leaders, executives and politicians can keep the amulet for protection at work. The powerful protector will keep away backstabbers and deceivers.

Police forces and triad members in Asia are blessed by the Kwan Kung to ensure their safety. He is highly respected and worshipped by them. Carrying the amulet by those in the triad groups or police forces can provide them with safety.

Carrying the amulet can ensure victory in business competition and protection against problem makers. Kwan Kung protects businesses from fraud and embezzlement, promotes loyalty and ensures smooth sailing. This is believed to be able to help a business prosper even against overwhelming odds. Kwan Kung also promotes unity, loyalty and honesty of the employees.


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