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Receiving Payment Rapidly Amulet (Ma Seong Guo Shui)

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"A horse crossing water" is a rebus "ma seong guo shui" (cantonese) which expresses the sentiment "receiving payment rapidly". A harbinger of closing sales fast, it helps your business prosper and helps in situations where payment collection could be a problem. Also a forerunner of obtaining your money back quicker from someone who owes you, it gives you back what is rightfully yours so that you can attain peace of mind. The amulet is locked by two bats with fortune coins which expresses "fuk choi ngan chin" (cantonese). This connotes "fortune in front of your eyes". The amulet is consecrated by the Yellow Jhambala Mantra. Yellow Jhambala brings serious wealth luck and continuous prosperity by dropping wealth to everyone he meets up. He overcomes all obstacles that block wealth from manifesting. Enables you to gain the victory advantage. This means you will have a smooth, easy and unobstructed ride in your undertakings. The reverse side features "Kwan Kung on Horse". Known to be in the commanding position when Kwan Kung rides on the horse, this amulet promises success in business pursuits, politics, wealth creation, family achievements and obtaining help from important people. Also remember that the Kwan Kung provides powerful protection against evil. No evil attempts can be successful with the presence of the Kwan Kung, thus making every ill intention become harmless. The amulet is further consecrated by two taoist incantations that benefit: 1. Wealth and Business and 2. Transformational Changes in Career and Investment This amulet is suitable for those who are ambitious, determined to win over competitors, leading a challenging team or desiring to lead in the future. The amulet is best to invite BENEFACTOR'S LUCK into your life so that everything goes smoothly with the powerful support from helpful people.


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