The Chinese Metaphysics Compendium by Joey Yap
  • The Chinese Metaphysics Compendium by Joey Yap

The Chinese Metaphysics Compendium by Joey Yap

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Embrace A Privileged Wisdom 

With over 1000 pages, The Chinese Metaphysics Compendium is by far, the most pivotal guide to everything you need and want to know about Chinese Metaphysics. In fact, it is a compilation of all the essential formulas and applications that govern the study of Chinese Metaphysics known and practiced today. Definitely an indispensable go-to reference to students and master practitioners alike.

What You'll Learn: 

  • The essentials of Chinese Metaphysics
  • An understanding on the art of BaZi
  • Feng Shui, and its many components and school of thoughts
  • The complete Gua attribute Tables and 64 Hexagrams of Yi Jing
  • Major and minor Zi Wei Dou Shu attributes and descriptions
  • Illustration and descriptions on the Five Elements to Mian Xiang (Face Reading)
  • Eight Trigrams to Zhang Xiang (Palm Reading)
  • The 8 Doors of Qi Men Dun Jia (Mystical Doors Method)
  • The art of ZeRi (Date Selection)

Chapter Highlights 
Part B: BaZi (Four Pillars of Destiny)
From Ten Heavenly Stems to The Ten Gods, everything essential that is under the broad umbrella term of Four Pillars of Destiny is spread out.

Part E: Feng Shui 
A discussion on San Yuan, Xuan Kong, Eight Mansions and San He - or parts that made up the colossal study of Feng Shui.

Part F: Face Reading
A basic knowledge on the key terminologies and theories is essential for fluid pick-up in the art of Face Reading. 

Part I: Date Selection
The key components like Grand Duke, Year Breaker, Three Killings, Five Yellow and Strong Man are highlighted.

Joey Yap


Reference Series
April 2008

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