Period 9’s Nine Mirrored Bagua
  • Period 9’s Nine Mirrored Bagua
  • Period 9’s Nine Mirrored Bagua

Period 9’s Nine Mirrored Bagua

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Beware! The bagua can only be displayed outdoor and facing outside. The bagua when displayed indoor and facing into the house can be deadly and harmful to you. The bagua should be placed at the “points of entry of bad chi” such as above a door or a window:

The bagua useful to prevent bad luck from killing chi if your house has its main door or windows facing cemeteries/funeral homes, hospitals/convalescent centers, police/firestations, schools/colleges/universities and houses of worship such as churches/mosques/temples.

The bagua can repel evil spirits, bad luck and harmful people when placed above the main door.

The bagua can diffuse killing chi (poison arrows) from lamp post, straight pole, tree and oppressing large building too close for comfort directly in front of your house.

The bagua is best used to remedy killing chi (poison arrows) coming from sharp angles, corners of buildings and roof ridges of your neighbours pointing at your doors.

The bagua can cure continuous rushing chi on a T-intersection, a street that ends at your front yard with on coming traffic heading straight towards your house.

The bagua subdue any harmful “chi” that enters your home through a door.


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