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The BaZi road to success
  • The BaZi road to success

The BaZi road to success

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They say the road to success is paved with hardship but did you know a mere 8-digit birth date could help you better anticipate both, success and hardship, in your life?

The BaZi Road to Success explains your journey in life through a chart that is obtained just from looking at the date you were born and its connection with key BaZi elements. 

Your Day Pillar, Hour Pillar, Luck Pillar and Annual Pillar all come together to paint a BaZi chart that churns out a combination of different elements, which the book helps interpret. From relationships, career advice, future plans and possibility of wealth accumulation this book covers it all! 

These elements are also essential in helping you identify which of the 10 Gods represent your life s pattern and the meaning behind their relationships. This helps to fully understand your familiar past and much-awaited future. 

In this book, you will: 

Learn the 5 Different Arts of Chinese Metaphysics

Find out how the 10 Gods influence people s personalities

Examine how the 10 Heavenly Stems relate to certain individuals future

Discover the 5 Basic Relationship Types (Combination, Punishment, Clash, Destruction & Harm)


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