BaZi Profiling - The Ten Profiles - The Performer (Hurting Officer) by Joey Yap
  • BaZi Profiling - The Ten Profiles - The Performer (Hurting Officer) by Joey Yap

BaZi Profiling - The Ten Profiles - The Performer (Hurting Officer) by Joey Yap

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Know The Roles You Play In Life

Your BaZi Profile peels off another deeper layer of your personality to reveal the roles you consciously and unconsciously play in life. Through this series, you will find out which Profile you belong to and learn your path of least resistance to success. Every individual is different. Learn to see the world through the lens of 10 different Profiles!

What You'll Learn: 

  • Cultivating your inborn talent and nature to create positive changes in your career, relationship and friendships
  • Your self-image which shows how you consider yourself consciously or subconsciously
  • Awareness of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand how a person modifies their basic nature when under extreme pressure

The Performer (Hurting Officer Profile)
Being the star of any show clearly defines the Performer. They are creative, ambitious, highly-driven and success- and image-oriented people. A perfectionist by nature, they are very competent and adaptable, always ready to take on a challenge.

Chapter Highlights: 
Part One: Recognizing the Performer Profile
Your general personalities and hidden natures are determined.

Part Two: Performer Profile Dynamics and Variations
Analyzing the different level to your Profiles - ranging from Healthy to Under Pressure.

Part Three: Intimate Performer Profile - The Self with Others
Answer the question, "How your Profile engages with intimate other?" 

Part Four: Social Performer Profile - The Self in the World
Go deeper into uncovering the Profile's right to belong in the world. 

Part Five: Career Path
Your work style, from the perspective of Profile.

Part Six: Dealing with the Performer Profile
Examining the best way to effectively strike a connection with a person of particular Profile.

Part Seven: Paths to Growth for the Performer Profile
Find out how these extreme qualities are manifested.

Joey Yap

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BaZi Essentials. The Ten Profiles
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May 2010

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