Dong Gong Date Selection by Joey Yap
  • Dong Gong Date Selection by Joey Yap

Dong Gong Date Selection by Joey Yap

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Enter the Foremost Classical Text of Date Selection 

Back in the Ming Dynasty, Dong Gong was a famous astrologer and author of countless important classical texts - many of which paved the foundations to the study, applications and teaching of Date Selection today. His text on Date Selection is regarded as an essential point-of-reference by all Date Selection specialists. For the first time ever, a transliterated version of his crucial text is available to aid students, practitioners and teachers of the Chinese Metaphysics field.

What You'll Learn: 

  • Evaluate the auspiciousness of any date using the Dong Gong Method
  • Supplementary information on Date Selection in each chapter
  • Important reference material for Date Selection practitioners

Chapter Highlights 
The 12-Months Analysis
Learn how to determine the overall auspiciousness (or inauspiciousness) of a single Jia Zi day through detailed commentary and rating system.

Auxiliary Stars Charts
A look into the Auxiliary Stars Charts - an indispensable resource to serious Date Selection practitioners.

Purple White 12 Annual Star Diagrams
Study the Purple White 12 Annual Star Diagrams to complement your study or application.

12 Day Officers Table
Practitioners and students should find their applications improved with the help of the 12-Day Officers Table. 

Special Days
A focus to Disaster Day, No Wealth Day, Yellow Embrace Day and many others.

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October 2007

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