Chinese Astrology for 2023
  • Chinese Astrology for 2023

Chinese Astrology for 2023

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Packed with more than just the conventional analysis of the 12 zodiacs of Chinese Astrology for 2023, this annual guide provides not only the annual outlook for each animal sign but also their 12-month outlook for the year.

Furthermore, readers will find a personalized outlook for all 60 BaZi Day Pillars (Jia Zi) as well as their respective 12-month mini-analysis.

With Joey Yap’s Chinese Astrology for 2023, you will be able to discover what awaits you in 2023 especially in terms of the four key aspects of life which are your health, wealth, career and relationships.

What You'll Learn:

- Annual outlook for all 12 animal signs
- Auspicious and Inauspicius Stars for each of the Animal signs
- 12-month outlook for each of the 12 animal signs
- Annual outlook based on your Personal Day of Birth 
- Personalised monthly analysis for each of the 60 Day Pillars

Chapter Highlights:

1. Preface 
2. The Year of the Metal Ox Outlook
3. Forecast for the 12 animal sign in 2022
4. Personalised Forecast for 2022 based on the Day of Birth 


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