BaZi Profiling - The Five Structures - Supporters (Influence Structure) by Joey Yap
  • BaZi Profiling - The Five Structures - Supporters (Influence Structure) by Joey Yap

BaZi Profiling - The Five Structures - Supporters (Influence Structure) by Joey Yap

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Understand How You Approach the World

While your Day Master shows you who you are, your Structure tells you about your behaviour and attitude in relation to the world. Each book in this series focuses on one specific Structure, and provides ideal careers, job roles, and wealth paths for the Structure. In other words, these 5 guides will provide the blueprint to knowing why some people are the way they are, and what to do to help you deal with the varied and colourful characters in your life.

What You'll Learn: 

  • Understand how you use BaZi in your daily life and how to navigate through the events and people in your world.
  • Determine your mode of operation in life and how you relate to your friends, family and your work
  • What to do to help you deal with person of certain Structure
  • Provide an idea on why people act the way they are

Supporters (Influence Structure)
The Influence Structure personality in a nutshell is diplomatic, empathetic and sensitive to the needs of others. You crave harmony and balance in personal interactions, and possess unlimited patience for others. A dry wit and subtle humor are your secret weapons.

Chapter Highlights: 
Part One: Personality
A zoom into the positive or negative side of your overall personality.

Part Two: Personality as a Parent
As a parent, how would you behave? Distinguish the good parenting traits with the bad ones.

Part Three: Structure Personality At a Glance
We have bright and dark side to us. Know yourself better through this understanding. 

Part Four: Personality At Work
Your Structure could make or break your Career. Learn how to foster the positive and downplay the opposing traits.

Part Five: Wealth Outlook
A study of how Structure determines your wealth accumulating potential.

Part Six: Interacting With Influence Structure Person
Examining the best way to effectively strike a connection with a person of particular Structure.

Part Seven: Identifying The Extreme Influence Structure Person
Find out how these extreme qualities are manifested.

Joey Yap


BaZi Essentials. The Five Structures
April 2010

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