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Feng Shui Essentials - 8 White Life Star by Joey Yap
  • Feng Shui Essentials - 8 White Life Star by Joey Yap

Feng Shui Essentials - 8 White Life Star by Joey Yap

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A Blueprint for Personalised Feng Shui

The Xuan Kong Nine Life Stars methodology refers to the People component, which allows you to understand a person from a Feng Shui perspective - how the environment influences a person. Each book in this series focuses on a particular Life Star and provides you with a detailed Feng Shui guide. This is your basic starting point towards fulfilling and shaping your attitudes toward key aspects in life like career, romance and health.

What You'll Learn: 

  • Life Star's basic characteristics and how you operate in matters of career, wealth, relationship, and a health overview
  • Favorable and Unfavorable personal directions
  • Bed Alignment Directions
  • Best Floors (for high-rise living)
  • Detailed guide to how the Xuan Kong Nine Flying Stars will affect your personal Life Star when it flies into a particular sector of your home or office
  • Life Star's compatibility with other Life Star individuals

8 White Life Star
The 8 White Life Star character is a consistent, reliable and optimistic one. Like the Earth of big immovable rock formations and mountains, you epitomize solidity, calmness, and a certain form of majesty.

Chapter Highlights 
Part Three: Your Xuan Kong Life Star
Prerequisites knowledge including the basic attributes, basic emotions and temperament to your Life Star. 

Part Four: Your Feng Shui Essentials
A discussion on Feng Shui directions, the effects of the Nine Stars in various sectors of a property, and the Five Elements. 

Part Five: The Five Elements
The elements and the importance of understanding the implications of this.

Part Six: Characteristics of Star
This section outlines the good and the bad characteristics of your Life Star.

Part Seven: Career and Wealth
Discover the positive and negative work ways you might consciously or unconsciously adopt.

Part Eight: Relationships
A Feng Shui take on romance and love.

Part Nine: Health
What are the body parts related to your Life Star? Take notice of them in this part.

Part Ten: Compatibility with other Stars
Examine your compatibility as a person with other people with same or different Stars.

Joey Yap

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Feng Shui Essentials
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August 2011

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