The Art of Lion Dance by Joey Yap
  • The Art of Lion Dance by Joey Yap

The Art of Lion Dance by Joey Yap

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1st Book from the New Joey Yap Cultural Series

Despite its popularity as a form of cultural entertainment and competitive sport, the Lion Dance has a mystical aspect which is often not told and only known by the most traditional masters of the art. Now for the first time, Joey Yap’s The Art of Lion Dance will lift the veil and bring to light the metaphysical elements, the rich cultural history and symbolism behind the ancient dance. Aside from revealing the development of the Lion Dance through the ages, this book will explore the various components and traditional practices that make the performance what it is today – from the subtle designs of the lion costume, to the incorporation of the ancient art of Qi Men Dun Jia as a powerful tool to activate time, space and event.

What You'll Learn: 

  • The origins and traditional folklores associated with Lion Dance
  • The power, purpose and story behind every step and formation used in Lion Dance performances
  • How ritual and entertainment come together in making Lion Dance a powerful metaphysical tool to activate positive Qi and dispel negative forces
  • The various traditional practices and taboos still observed today in Lion Dance

Chapter Highlights 
Introduction to The Art of Lion Dance
Find out where this ancient art began and the rich history surrounding its origin

The Lion and The Craft
Discover the making of the lion from its head to its tail

Lion Dance Traditions and Practices 
Learn the ‘dos and don’ts’ when it comes to this ancient art 

Qi Men Methodologies in Lion Dance
Get to know what connects Qi Men Dun Jia with Lion Dance

Joey Yap

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Cultural Series 1
Published in:
January 2017

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