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Hanging 3 Celestial Guardians (Combat 3-Killings)

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Myths develop over time. In the case of Chilin’s, the last time it emerged was in 551–479 BC. Our sensitive homage brings the 18K genuine gold plated chilin to spectacular life which captures the inscrutable appearance of it turning its head backwards. Favored by Classical Feng Shui Masters, the Three Chilins are known as the best remedy and most authentic method for countering 3-Killings affliction. It is known to be the easiest way to arrest this "Three Robbers' energy" in any living space. The Chilin embodies magic, representing divinity, power and good fortune.They exert quality genuine gold energy where classical masters claim to be a necessity for fighting the 3-Killings. Beautiful and dainty, it serves as a neat, tidy and classy looking hanging for modern homes. The remedy will protect you from legal problems, violences, lawsuits, gossips, scandals, backstabbings, obstacles, prevent accidents/losses, enhance good fortune and bring in good luck. Apart from protecting you, it is also able to axe away your opponents, enemies, competitors or evil counterparts. For example in 2022, the 3-Killings come from the NORTH direction, therefore display them in the NORTH. If you have a NORTH door, hang them at the door.

This item is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity. 


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