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Tai Sui Protection Plaque (2019)
  • Tai Sui Protection Plaque (2019)

Tai Sui Protection Plaque (2020)

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The Grand Duke Tai Sui Plaque is displayed at home to appease as well as to protect individuals from the wrath of the Tai Sui. The Tai Sui of the Year always bring virtue and good tidings, and promises divine help when needed. There are more special features that are added to our Tai Sui Plaque for 2020:
1. Taoist Goddess DOU MU (MARICI or Mother of Dipper or Primordial Sovereign of the Big Dipper) is a stellar divinity. With her great merit of medicine and healing, manages and harmonizes the five elements, balances the Vital Breaths of Yin and Yang, dissolves the stagnant and eliminates the evil and dark. A multi-armed deity with a different weapon in each hand and riding a fiery chariot pulled by seven savage boars. Those who offend the Tai Sui should also seek homage to Dou Mu to relieve you of any difficulty, danger and bad luck. The reason is because she is the mother of Nine Stars and her power is inconceivable as she oversee the welfare of all beings. 
2. Big Dipper Stars which essentially has one of its stars Dubhe known as the seat of Goddess DOU MU. The Big Dipper Seven Stars are in charge of the fate of human and earthly fate in the universe. Every star controls the earthly fate for a period of 20 years. The division of 3 yuan and 9 yun of Feng shui originated from this theory. 
3. Mantra of Marici consecrates the plaque. 
4. Tai Sui Great General Lu Mi who is one of the 60 Tai Sui who is assigned to lead the Year of Rat in 2020. 
5. Tai Sui Talisman 2020 - A set of Taoist incantations to dissolve any wrath or punishment from the Tai Sui. 
6. Four Celestial Guardians provides tection from four cardinal directions. They will also essentially give balance to the feng shui of the home. 
7. Two Pi Yaos will assist in removing obstacles and invite wealth. 
8. A rat image symbolizing the Year of Rat. 
9. Six Longbi Symbols, a powerful antidote for punishments from the Tai Sui. 
10. Lucky Windmill Symbols will blow away misfortunes. 

The plaque can be displayed on the table/shelf or hung on a wall to enjoy the support and blessings of the Tai Sui. In 2020, the following zodiacs are required to display the plaque in the north sector of the house, the living or the family room:


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