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Tai Sui Protection Plaque (2019)
  • Tai Sui Protection Plaque (2019)
  • Tai Sui Protection Plaque (2019)
  • Tai Sui Protection Plaque (2019)
  • Tai Sui Protection Plaque (2019)
  • Tai Sui Protection Plaque (2019)
  • Tai Sui Protection Plaque (2019)
  • Tai Sui Protection Plaque (2019)
  • Tai Sui Protection Plaque (2019)
  • Tai Sui Protection Plaque (2019)
  • Tai Sui Protection Plaque (2019)

Tai Sui Protection Plaque

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The position of Tai Sui in 2019 is at NORTHWEST 3 ranging from 322.5 to 337.5 degrees. The direction opposite where he is sitting will be the SOUTHEAST 3 ranging from 142.5 to 157.5 degrees.
Conflicting/Confronting Tai Sui - The SNAKE conflicts the Tai Sui in 2019. It means the SNAKE confronts the Tai Sui directly from the opposite direction like in "wrestling position" with the Tai Sui. Remember, no one can win a fight with the Tai Sui because he will be the victorious wrestler of the year. This kind of energy conflict is the fiercest of all. It implies high risk, crisis, inconsistency in fortune and difficulty in every aspect. Problems associated to such a disagreement are for example the death of a loved family member, accidents, injuries, death, hospitalization, money loss, bankruptcy, demotion and losing a job. There will also be possible changes in the love relationship, therefore one has to exercise caution. Therefore, the SNAKE should consider donating their blood and doing more charity in 2019.

Offending Tai Sui - The BOAR offends the Tai Sui in 2019. The seriousness of offending Tai Sui will be considered as 2nd to conflicting the Tai Sui. Those who offend the Tai Sui will feel weak for the whole year and suffers from bad temper which results in poor human relationship. They will frequently fall sick, get wounded, pessimistic, feel restless and suffer from love problems. Therefore one has to exercise regularly and eat nutritiously. One should also not stay out for late nites because a lot of evil things can happen to one when the luck is not good.

Harming Tai Sui - The MONKEY harms (pokes) the Tai Sui in 2019. It simply means incompatiblity. When the Tai Sui is harmed, one will not do well simply because they cannot connect well with the rest of the eleven other zodiacs. They cannot get along with anyone, always in confrontation mode and will face difficulty at work. Their public image will become tarnished and this will be a major disadvantage for those who are in politics, showbiz, business and doing sales. Gossips and troublemakers are aplenty making them difficult to concentrate on getting more important things done.

Breaking Tai Sui - The TIGER again breaks the Tai Sui in 2019. This affliction will result in one's life going haywire and behaving in a disorderly manner. Although it is the lightest affliction, it cannot be ignored by all means else it will magnified to become bad. The slightest mistake will bring financial losses. For example one is going to get speeding tickets, fined for drunk driving, investigated by authorities for wrongdoings etc. Therefore, the TIGER will have to be extra tactful and careful in the year 2019.

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